Perhaps it’s environmental, many arguments point that way, but in the end a huge number of allergy sufferers care more about finding an air purification system that will relieve their symptoms and help alleviate the suffering brought on by their allergies over finding out what it is in the environment causing it. The demand for home air filtration devices have grown through the years and because of this, brands like Honeywell, Therapure, Dyson, Pureair, and Ionic Breeze, just to name a few, are battling it out as the best rated system and making a killing in the air purification market. When one is suffering from the symptoms of an allergy—flushed, itchy, congested nasal passages, and eyes watering—the most common culprit is an allergic reaction to something in the air. It could be dust, pollen, mold spores, among other things. While we obviously cannot stop breathing, we can filter the air we are most exposed to with the help of some type of air screening system. Even new allergy sufferers can get help. If your home is not equipped with the more elaborate and comprehensive whole-house air purifier, there is a wide assortment of portable air filters. While many brands have gone a little overboard with their advertising claims, saying that their products can take away practically all impurities within the indoor space their device is stationed, these companies have since dialed back the unsubstantiated claims. Still, many believers of air purification systems continue to support the idea and science behind it. Even as many others have conflicting opinions on the matter. Whether they actually directly benefit allergy sufferers is still up for debate but over all, these devices are supposedly helping clean the air. This is why allergy doctors still endorse the use of indoor air purifiers.